Machon Yerushalayim

Machon Yerushalayim, The Jerusalem Institute of Talmudic Research, was founded over fifty two years ago in Jerusalem and is recognized today as the foremost publisher of rabbinic writings. As one of the largest Jewish research institutes in the world, the Machon has produced hundreds of volumes of some of the most important and rare Torah works. Its invaluable contribution to Torah publishing is an unyielding commitment to strive for the highest level of Torah scholarship, research, creativity and integrity to discover and publish rare manuscripts of Jewish scholarship; and to elucidate, emend and correct errors which crept into earlier editions of basic Jewish works.

Machon Yerushalayim also established a number of projects to resurrect and preserve the cultural and spiritual life of European Jewry and Jewry from North Africa and the Arab lands, to memorialize and engrave in golden letters the memory of those once proud communities and their leaders, and to publish the writings and compositions of the great scholars of previous generations.

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American Friends of Jerusalem Institute of Talmudic Research 


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